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Coffee Question

Ok. You all know I like coffee. Well, if you didn’t know that, you do now.

Anyways. I don’t like expensive coffee drinks, not only because they’re too sugary but also because they’re too expensive. I prefer black coffee. More than that, I prefer bringing my own. Ug so it’s even cheaper. There’s just one problem.

I never know what I’m going to be charged, anywhere.

For example. The past two days at 7-11s in Front Royal I was charged 1.36 one day and 1.14 the next. My brother said he gets charged 1.09 sometimes.

At Para, a shop I go to often, I never have any idea what I’ll be charged. Sometimes I get charged as little as a dollar, sometimes 2.25 for a large, sometimes 1.75 and all kinds of other things.

It’s weird.

Two comments on this.
1. No, I don’t ever ask them why I was charged what I was. No, I don’t say last time I was charged less. I just pay the bill. That’s just the way I’ve always been. I do the same at restaurants when they overcharge me. I pay it.
2. Shouldn’t there be a bring your own mug button so it’s the same each time. We all know the bigger expense isn’t the coffee. So, it really shouldn’t matter the size of the mug, right?


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Dear UVA football

Dear UVA football,

I owe you an apology. I really do. I was ready to throw in the towel before the Georgia Tech game and I was really really ready to throw it in after the NC State game.

See, here’s what happened. I came into the season optimistic about a bowl game. I really did. But then the debacle that was the Southern Miss loss after the almost epic failure of Indiana. Sadly, I had seen this show before and too quickly let my past frustrations shade my perspective. I couldn’t help but remember Gary Gallagher’s famous phrase when he called UVA money sports Relentlessly Mediocre (which yes is the inspiration for my fantasy football team name). I thought it was going to happen again.

But then, then, you brought me back. Beating Al Groh and the yellow jackets was awesome. I came back, but I was a little more skeptical. Then it really came loose. I had great seats to watch the High School game that was NCState.

That’s when I shut down. I converted to Basketball. I was ready to watch Brogden, Harris, and the boys play at the JPJ.

I’m sorry. Really, I am.

You went on a roll. You’ve won four in a row, including two in the state of Florida! I know we’ve never done that. You won on the road at Maryland and finally got over that dook hump at home.

We’ve run the ball tremendously well and had tremendous defense.

I’m back on the bandwagon. I won’t let it happen again.

I also owe a personal apology to Mr. Rocco. I didn’t think you were the option. I voted for Watford. I made the wrong call. You’re the right guy for us. This whole situation reminds me a lot of the Schaub saga though…

So, thanks for letting me back on the wagon. I’ll see you this weekend and then again in Charlotte!

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Ok.  I’ve been thinking about this one for a little while now.  I’ve blogged in the past about how I hate McShay and Mel Kiper and don’t really see them as adequate evaluators of talent, especially when it comes to the quarterback position.  My case in points will be Cam Newton and Tim Tebow.  Which are actually great examples because Tebow wins and obviously Newton has NFL talent.

Anyways, I really wanted to get some thoughts out there on this whole Tebow ordeal that has been happening. It’s taken me a little longer to add to the debate because I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand what the fuss is about.  I don’t understand why people are down on Tebow and the Broncos and aren’t happy about what is happening.

The guy is winning football games.  Actually winning the vast majority of his football games this year.  He’s brought his team from out of the picture to a chance to win the division.  What’s the big deal?

First thought.  Some guys are just winners.  It’s what they do.  They find a way to win and they inspire those around them to win.  Tebow seems to be that guy.  He did it at Florida and he’s doing it with the Broncos.  People around him play harder because there’s something about him.

Second thought.  Who cares how you win?  So what if they run the ball more than normal.  Who cares?  Isn’t winning what matters?  Nobody complains when Peyton Manning and the Colts just throw the ball, and no one complains when Brady and the Pats do the same thing.  If they don’t throw and still win, still sounds like winning to me.

Third thought.  He’s actually not the worst throwing quarterback out there.  Some of his passes bounce to the receiver.  Some of his passes go high.  So what?  He completes winning passes.  He’s also not dealing with the best of receivers out there in Denver.

Fourth thought.  I actually heard on the radio that good receivers won’t come to Denver if he’s the quarterback.  Really?  That’s an actual argument?  If they keep winning, people will come.

Fifth thought. Tebowmania.  It’s a good thing for the NFL.  It’s a good thing for the Broncos.

Sixth thought.  I really don’t like McShay or Kiper.

Seventh thought.  Just win baby.  I’d take Tebow in Washington in a heartbeat.  Sorry Sexy Rexy.

So, if you’re one of those radio pundits or what not and you diss my boy Tebow, I’m going to turn the channel.  You’ve been given fair warning.


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So, on rare occasions I get home and have to make my own dinner. I know, I lead a rough life. Tonight was one of those nights. I thought I would share with you how I eat when I have to prepare dinner myself.

I eat in stages. Why bother making more than one thing at a time? That seems like a recipe for a disaster. So, I avoid that. Here’s how it normally goes down.

1. Get home, have fruit snacks.
2. I mean was one pack really enough, have another pack.
3. If Katie didn’t catch me with one of those packs, I can sneak in a third pack.
4. Sit down and think about if I’m really going to make my own food.
5. Go to fridge, open it and stare.
6. Eat some American cheese and pepperonis.
7. Sit down and think about if I’m going to make my own food.
8. Have some sweetarts.
9. Go stare at fridge and have some American cheese.
10. Make some sort of deer meat.
11. Think about if I’m going to make a side.
12. More often than not, I don’t make a side. Deer seemed like enough.
13. Sit down and wait as long as I think it is suitable for me to have ice cream without having made a side with dinner.

What about you?


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Latest Relationship Conversation

As you may imagine, I have a lot of talks about relationships. It kind of comes with the territory of being a campus pastor. However, my latest relational talk through me for a loop.

I was at dinner with my family and two of my nephews were there. Cody is seven years old and has a girlfriend. I don’t think that’s terribly unusual, but the more I asked him about it the weirder it got.

It turns out that Cody’s girlfriend switched schools after last year. They had been dating at the end of the school year but never exchanged phone numbers. Cody spent his summer in Texas and now they attend separate schools. Through a series of questions, I discovered that they haven’t talked since the last day of school last year but Cody still thought they were dating. He had no plans of finding her phone number nor was he concerned about seeing her. He just knew they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

That’s the type of boyfriend I want Emma to have. One that never sees her. Ever. Ever. Oh, I guess the loyalty thing is a big deal too. But, I will take that second to never seeing her.

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Book Review: Core Values

Last night I finally finished Core Values by George Wood, the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God.  Once he took office, he set down to figure out what the Core Values of the Assemblies are and should be.  He sent one to almost all the credentialed ministers.  I say almost because I didn’t receive one but my wife did.  So, I read her copy.

Wood lays out the core values of 1. Passionate Proclamation, 2. Strategic Investment, 3. Vigorous Planting, 4. Skillful Resourcing, and 5. Fervent Prayer.

I really enjoyed Wood’s book and his take on where the Assemblies needs to go.  I tweeted last night that I was both encouraged and challenged by the book.  I’m encouraged to know there is a higher standard that we’re called to.  That we’re called to something more.  I think the first word in each core value says a lot.  It says it’s more than just proclamation or investment, it needs to be strategic and passionate.  We have to hold all of these Core Value dear in order to see our fellowship go to the next level.

Core Values is a book that I’d recommend to anyone in the ministry, in the Assemblies or not.  It’s a great book to help you think through the big picture of ministry and see where growth needs to occur.


I really appreciated the part on Skillful Resourcing.  We need to resource our foreign missionaries, but we also need to resource the people in our churches.  We need to spend time in preparation for sermons, we need to be readers, we need to be understanding what is going on in the world around us.  We should pay attention to detail, and the Holy Spirit can work in that.  How challenging and encouraging!


You can get a copy of Core Values here.

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Book Review: Turning Points

I recently finished Turning Points by Mark Noll.  Turning Points is a 316 page book on the 12 turning points, as Noll sees them, in church history.  They are, as his subtitle states, the decisive moments in the history of Christianity.  Noll takes two thousand years of Christianity and boils it down to 12 point.  Just 12 points.  The 12 decisive points.  This is a tremendous task and he does it with such humble confidence and genuine scholarship that the reader leaves the text with great handlebars with which to start the discussion on church history.


Honestly, I loved the book.  I’ve been meaning to read it for a while and it’s on James White’s list of must reads in A Mind for God.  I love history, particularly church history, so I knew the book would be right up my alley.  It was a fascinating read about the moments that have helped to shape the church into what she is today.  I didn’t find it to be too dense or difficult to understand at really any points and always found myself wanting to move on to the next chapter to see what the next turning point would be.


In the interest of full disclosure, I found the first 9 points waaay more interested than the last three.  Once we got to the French Revolution I wasn’t quite as interested in the book, but Noll had already gripped me enough to make me want to finish.  Plus, there is a list at the end of potential turning points of the 20th century, which I found fascinating.


I think the book is a must read for anyone who has not taken a church history class.  It explained much of what I had already learned in History of Christianity I and II at the University.  Even though I had these classes, the book was still very informative for me because it’s from the evangelical point of view.  Both of my, and many other, church history classes take the catholic point of view.  It’s not that either one is right or wrong it’s just hat I was still able to glean a lot of things from the book.


So, I say check it out, give it a go, and let me know what you think.

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Emma and Family Photos

Just added a bunch of new photos onto the Facebook page.  Pictures of Emma from Halloween on the Lawn and our little Family Photo Shoot with Corrie Sutherland thanks to last year’s graduating class!

Check them out!

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Manliness Roadtrip

We had our somewhat annual Chi Alpha Manliness Roadtrip this past weekend. We took our talents north into the supposedly dangerous and always disappointing, College Park. I say supposedly because it wasn’t that scary since no Maryland fans attended the game.

This was probably the best road game I’ve ever attended. We won the game which is definitely the biggest factor. But, not only did we win but we dominated the entire second half. Also, it always helps to go into a visiting stadium with forty guys sitting together. Side note. Our forty strong included a guy we met on the metro who sat literally in the middle of the forty of us. We sang the good ol song after each touchdown, high fived each big play, avoided major altercations with terps fans and got to sit in the sun all afternoon.

It was probably one of the better games I’ve seen UVA play in a while. It helps that it was against Maryland (and how many receivers can drop as many passes as the murrland guys did?). Rocco played a great game and I’m now willing to say I was wrong in thinking that Watford was the answer at quarterback. Rocco should be the answer for the rest of the season and I guess we will just have to see what happens next year.

After the game we headed back to McCormicks house and…yup, watched more football and “ate copious amounts of food.” lasagna (with ham!), ziti, pizza, veggie trays, hummus (people eat that stuff?), cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, coffee, chips, dip, and oh yeah salad. It was quite the feast and I don’t think we left very much for leftovers.

On the way home, we were discussing how awesome it is to be guys because we could just watch 12 hours of football in a row and consider that one of the best days ever. One of the guys remarked that there were thirty minute periods where he didn’t say anything and it. was. awesome.

Overall, it was a great trip and we are all looking forward to doing it again in December for the bowl game!

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Book Review: God Wins by Mark Galli

So, as promised here is my review of God Wins by Mark Galli.

Like Love Wins, God Wins was a very easy read. I don’t remember how many sittings it took me to read it in, but it wasn’t very many. I chose to read this response to Rob Bell because Mark is the Sr. Managing Editor at Christianity Today. I felt it would be the best response because this was an example of the big tent Evangelical refuting Rob.

Honestly, there wasn’t a lot that was surprising or out of the ordinary in the book. Which. Was. Part. Of. The. Beauty. Of. It. It was nice to just have a better picture, a biblical picture as to what actually happens, and how God wins. What exactly is the biblical picture of justice and what happens to every soul?

It’s a good read and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to counterbalance Rob’s book. I was also very impressed with the fact that Mark never attacks Rob personally but instead attacked the ideas that were explicitly written in the book. I think I honestly learned a lot about how to debate things in the public realm and how to handle things that need to be confronted from the book.

I especially enjoyed the chapter confronting universalism and how that is actually bad news.

I would definitely recommend reading this book.

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