Manliness Roadtrip

We had our somewhat annual Chi Alpha Manliness Roadtrip this past weekend. We took our talents north into the supposedly dangerous and always disappointing, College Park. I say supposedly because it wasn’t that scary since no Maryland fans attended the game.

This was probably the best road game I’ve ever attended. We won the game which is definitely the biggest factor. But, not only did we win but we dominated the entire second half. Also, it always helps to go into a visiting stadium with forty guys sitting together. Side note. Our forty strong included a guy we met on the metro who sat literally in the middle of the forty of us. We sang the good ol song after each touchdown, high fived each big play, avoided major altercations with terps fans and got to sit in the sun all afternoon.

It was probably one of the better games I’ve seen UVA play in a while. It helps that it was against Maryland (and how many receivers can drop as many passes as the murrland guys did?). Rocco played a great game and I’m now willing to say I was wrong in thinking that Watford was the answer at quarterback. Rocco should be the answer for the rest of the season and I guess we will just have to see what happens next year.

After the game we headed back to McCormicks house and…yup, watched more football and “ate copious amounts of food.” lasagna (with ham!), ziti, pizza, veggie trays, hummus (people eat that stuff?), cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, coffee, chips, dip, and oh yeah salad. It was quite the feast and I don’t think we left very much for leftovers.

On the way home, we were discussing how awesome it is to be guys because we could just watch 12 hours of football in a row and consider that one of the best days ever. One of the guys remarked that there were thirty minute periods where he didn’t say anything and it. was. awesome.

Overall, it was a great trip and we are all looking forward to doing it again in December for the bowl game!


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