Book Review: Core Values

Last night I finally finished Core Values by George Wood, the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God.  Once he took office, he set down to figure out what the Core Values of the Assemblies are and should be.  He sent one to almost all the credentialed ministers.  I say almost because I didn’t receive one but my wife did.  So, I read her copy.

Wood lays out the core values of 1. Passionate Proclamation, 2. Strategic Investment, 3. Vigorous Planting, 4. Skillful Resourcing, and 5. Fervent Prayer.

I really enjoyed Wood’s book and his take on where the Assemblies needs to go.  I tweeted last night that I was both encouraged and challenged by the book.  I’m encouraged to know there is a higher standard that we’re called to.  That we’re called to something more.  I think the first word in each core value says a lot.  It says it’s more than just proclamation or investment, it needs to be strategic and passionate.  We have to hold all of these Core Value dear in order to see our fellowship go to the next level.

Core Values is a book that I’d recommend to anyone in the ministry, in the Assemblies or not.  It’s a great book to help you think through the big picture of ministry and see where growth needs to occur.


I really appreciated the part on Skillful Resourcing.  We need to resource our foreign missionaries, but we also need to resource the people in our churches.  We need to spend time in preparation for sermons, we need to be readers, we need to be understanding what is going on in the world around us.  We should pay attention to detail, and the Holy Spirit can work in that.  How challenging and encouraging!


You can get a copy of Core Values here.


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