My UVA regret

So, I kind of have a no what if policy so I don’t like to live thinking what would have happened. Thus, I don’t really have a lot of regrets from my time at UVA. I’m also more than pleased
With where I am now and the beautiful I family I have. So how could I complain. However, I do have one regret from my undergraduate career.

My class ring.

I love class rings. They were all the rage in my High School and hometown and I still wear my UVA one every day. I’ve gotten over the fact that I went with the traditional signet and actually enjoy that one more now. I’ve beat it up pretty good so it’s not as shiny which I also prefer. (this is also my second ring because I snapped the first one when I dropped a copier on it switching offices…).

Anyways, my regret is the side opposite my year and degree. I went with the Rotunda. It looks neat. Only problem is, it isn’t the V Sabres. Those I would definitely prefer right now.

So, what happened? Well, after casual reflection I realized I got caught up in the pretentiousness that is the University of Virginia. I went away from my first love of the University and went the other way. I wanted onto have a ring that symbolized knowledge and ego instead of sports, what was I thinking?

I consider this a fail. I wondering I could break this ring and get it changed?

Overall, not a bad regret from undergrad though…


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