Five Hour Energy

In my walking through the Pav, I have noticed there are tremendous amounts of flavors of five hour energy. There must be a different flavor every day coming out. They all have sugar free varieties and they now even have the equivalent of a double shot one…incredible.

I’ve never had five hour energy. Ever. I don’t know that I will. I hear it works, but I prefer to just stick with my coffee and the occasional Amp (gotta support Dale Jr) when it’s too hot for coffee in the car.

This post isn’t about the merits of five hour energy but more so about how incredible I find the company to be. I remember the commercials first coming out and how cheesy they were. There was no way I was going to buy it and no way it was going to take off. It was a completely new market and seemed silly. I also couldn’t tell if the commercials were a joke or not.

But they made it. It took off. People bought it and bought a lot of it. They got new flavors and better commercials. And then then it happened. I was able to think they weren’t going to make it until this happened.

There was a knockoff made. Yup. That’s when you know you’ve made it. We. Someone tries to take your idea and make money themselves. Worxx is what it’s called. And when I saw the Worxx commercials is when I had to admit that 5 hour energy was here to stay.

I find this type of entrepreneurship fascinating. To create a market. To meet a need that
People didn’t even know they had. It’s incredible.

Any other companies come to mind (other than apple) that do this? What will be the next idea like this?

Is there a need we could meet in the church that people have but they may not know it yet? I want to stay ahead of the curve in these areas I just don’t find it that easy to do…


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