College Football Thoughts

Ok, I’ll give some college football thoughts as the regular season comes to an end.

First.  Heisman trophy.  Votes were due today I believe.  If I had a vote and had to rank my top three (which I think is how they vote).  Here is how it would be.

1. Tyron Matheiu. CB. LSU

2. Robert Griffin III. QB. Baylor

3. Montee Ball. RB. Wisconsin.

To me, the Heisman is about the best player in college football.  I really think it’s the Honey Badger.  Guy just has a knack for making things happen and is the leader on one of the best defenses in the country.  It should be noted that he played no offenses snaps but scored 4 TDs this year.  That’s sick.  Hands down, my pick for top player of the year.

Second, BCS stuff.

Honestly, I think Alabama is the second best team in the country.  However, I think that Ok State should have been ranked second.  Their list of accomplishments is better than Alabama’s.  I think their wins are better than Alabama’s.  Way better.  Their loss is worse, but it came on the heels of tragedy and they should get their shot at LSU.

Also, it’s ridiculous that vpi made it into a BCS game.  Ridiculous.  They lose their conference championship game and get to play a better opponent than Clemson.  Ridiculous.  (Also, I realize that most teams in the ACC will play a better opponent than WVU because the Big East is a joke this year).  vpi didn’t beat a single top 25 school this year.  Weak.  Get them out of there and give Boise a shot.

Ultimately, like everything else wrong with College Football, I blame Craig James.  #firecraigjames

Third, Coach of the Year.

Dear Facebook friends, I know you all love Mike London.  I do too.  He’s been fantastic.  Especially when they show his old police photo.  However, you can’t really think he’s qualified to be national Coach of the Year can you?  Yeah, me either.  So, please stop inviting me to vote for him.  If I click the link to vote, I’m going to vote for Bill Snyder.  So, you’d be better off to not send me that link.

That’s all for now.  What are your thoughts?



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3 responses to “College Football Thoughts

  1. Sean Breslin

    I think it will end up being Griffin that wins the Heisman, even though Mathieu makes a very good case to win the award. I also think the accomplishments of Montee Ball and Russell Wilson may have canceled each other out when it comes to the Heisman race. Great post!

  2. I definitely think Wilson and Ball cancelled each other out. And Luck was hurt by losing his big receiving threats at the end of the season. I wouldn’t be sad if RGIII won, I just would like to see more love for the defensive player or just call the Heisman an offensive award.

    • Sean Breslin

      The Honey Badger seemed to really make his money as a specialist on punt returns. He does seem to find the ball all the time on defense, but I sometimes question his cover abilities. I think there will be a defensive Heisman winner again some day, but Griffin is going to be hard to deny the award this year.

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