Book Review: Road Trip Leadership

The other week gospel publishing house offered a lot of their kindle books for .99 cents so I picked up George Wood’s latest book, Road Trip Leadership

I will say from the start I really enjoyed the book. It felt. Little long but there were many times that I couldn’t stop reading it. I found it to be a great mix of application, life lessons, personal and anecdotal stories. George shared more of himself than I had expected him to, and for that I was very grateful. His stories always added to the book, and gave some great things to hold onto throughout the read.

I will also say that the book won’t be of much use if you’re not in ministry. Its a leadership book about the ministry and how to get through the gauntlet that a life in ministry can be. I will also say that the end of the book is more geared towards church pastors, or pastors with buildings. I did not find that as applicable since I’m in para church ministry but there were still some great points made throughout it.

I found the first three sections of the book to be remarkable. Understanding the call of ministry (even if you volunteered), being a leader, and looking down the road were very helpful frameworks for me. Even though I’m a young leader now there was a lot of wisdom in his words.

There were things I’ve already learned, things I’ve learned but hadn’t put into words yet, and many things I haven’t yet had to learn.

I would recommend this book to every pastor, especially every Assemblies of God pastor to know the heart of George would be invaluable.

I left the book being very thankful to have a call to ministry and very thankful to have George as the leader of my voluntary cooperate fellowship.


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