Book Review: Desiring God

I wanted to get my review up of Desiring God by John Piper.  I got this book from blogging for books to review late last year and never put the review up.  My fault.

I had heard a lot of great things about Desiring God and have always admired Piper’s ministry.  However, I found that the book fell short of my lofty expectations.  I expected it to make it to the top ten of my books read list and it didn’t even come close.

Honestly, it’s probably more of the book against my expectations than the merits of the book itself.

Piper sets out to show the reader how the life lived in God, can be a life of joy!  How we can all be Christians Hedonists as he calls it.  It’s a favorite topic of mine and there really isn’t anyone who does it better than John Piper.  He is the first source I go to when I look for stuff on living for the glory of God, and doing so in JOY.

Honestly, I didn’t finish the book.  But, like I said it’s probably more my fault of unfair expectations than anything else.


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