BCS National Championship Game

So, I watched the Rematch last night.

And I liked it. A lot.

I love defense. And it was there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen defense like that before. I honestly have to think that Alabama team had one of the best defenses ever. Ever. That was domination. 39 rushing yards and less than 100 yards total in a BCS Championship Game. I love it.

Watching the speed of the defense and their ability to cover sideline to sideline was mesmerizing. That doesn’t even mention the domination of the defensive front. They dominated that side of the game like they were playing against the JV squad.

To be upfront, I had picked LSU and rooted for LSU during the game. I didn’t think that Alabama should have been playing in the game but not only did they play they dominated. There was just never any point where it felt like LSU was gonna crawl back into the game.

Alabama was better defensively, offensively, and from the coaching side. I couldn’t believe that LSU kept running the option. It made no sense why they kept trying that when clearly Alabama had the speed and ability to shut that down handily.

One ridiculous side note. Nick Saban brought a laser scanner if some sort for all of the team meals. He wanted to make sure all the food was properly cooked so there wouldn’t be any food poisoning or ill effects from that aspect. That’s incredible attention to detail and a but superfluous as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not at all disappointed that Alabama won. I’m confused about the season. LSU beat three BCS bowl winners (Alabama, Oregon, West Virginia), Alabama looked like the best team in the country last night, but OK State only lost to Iowa State immediately after a tragedy that no one can imagine. A playoff only up tells you who was the best at the end of the year, the BCS was supposed to take care of the whole season. It fell short this year.

Your thoughts on the game?



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3 responses to “BCS National Championship Game

  1. Kelly

    I loved seeing LSU get beat up on. I like Alabama and Nick Saban. I think the BCS does the best it could do with college football and their schedules. I think there are just too few data points to generate really reliable rankings. I think the top 10 are probably the top 10, but its really hard to say which teams are the top 2 and would get to play for the title. If the BCS is flawed, what is a better way? A tournament? And extend the season? Would sponsors back those games? I don’t know…

  2. Hoon

    I dislike Bama. I dislike Saban a million times more. But Saban arguably the best coach in college football right now. He knows how to coach a football team and get them ready for big games. I enjoyed the game. I too am a fan of great defense. Though McCarron was really good. I still think the kicker should have gotten the game MVP. And I’m not joking one bit. McCarron and Shelly both stepped up from game 1 to game 2. And unlike McCarron, Shelly actually scored all the points (at least the ones that mattered). QB gets way too much love.

    The option game works, but only if the QB sells it. Jordan Jefferson was afraid to take a hit from the Bama defense. I don’t care how good or scary the Bama defense is. If you want to run the option. You have to do it right. And if you are the #1 team in the nation, you shouldn’t be scared of anyone.

    I’m an advocate of not moving to a playoff system. If teams want to play for the national championship, play quality teams. I understand that there needs to be tune-up games or scrimmages, but there is no need to play anyone below Division I, FBS schools. #1 and #2 teams should not be afraid to play anyone. Though any team can upset a ranked team on any given Saturday, but there is no excuse if you want to be considered the best team. LSU’s resume spoke for itself.

    OK State lost to Iowa State, and pretty much should’ve lost to Stanford, if it wasn’t for the kicker. If OK State played LSU, LSU would’ve destroyed OK State by at least 10 points, with Jefferson blindfolded.

    Despite all this, I did enjoy the game overall. Great defense = great game. Great post.

  3. jmoranxa

    I think Nick Saban is the most polarizing figure in all of college football. You either love the guy or hate the guy. I go back and forth each day…lol.

    Also, I agree that Shelley should have won the MVP, that’s a topic for another post, QB love is OOC.

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