UVA dook thoughts

First of all, I don’t really believe in moral victories when it comes to sports teams.  I just don’t.  So, I’m not going to give you we should hang our head high after hanging with and almost beating dook last night talk.  (Also, I have taught my computer to learn how to spell “dook”).

However, there were some things that gave me great hope from last night.  So, instead of moral victory talk I’ll say what I’m excited about as we continue further into the ACC season.

1. Akil Mitchell.  Last night showed the athleticism that Akil has and I’m excited to highlight that down the stretch.  That put back jam at the end of the game was nasty and I want to see more of that.  I thought he and Mike worked well on the block moving the ball to each other also.

2. Mike Scott.  Well, we already knew Mike was a big part of the offense and could score whenever he wanted against weaker opponents.  Last night showed he can take over games against bigger guys down low.  I had concerns about him going up against the Plumlees and Reggie Johnson.  He’s disproved those thoughts handily.

3. Jontel didn’t turn the ball over last night.  That’s impressive against an aggressive dook team.  Very impressed.

4. We played very well in one of the most hostile environments in college basketball.  That is a very good sign as we continue to go on the road and eventually end up playing at neutral sites.  I like that we were able to rise to the occasion last night.

5. Anybody else notice that Assane didn’t miss any shots last night?  Made all his field goals and free throws?  And won the opening tip?  Did that really happen?


So, those are five positives from last night heading into the teeth of the ACC season.  You notice anymore?


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  1. Completely agree about moral victories. Herm Edwards said it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf04zlExM8c

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