My Next Fun Savings

I save money up for purchases.  I normally keep a stack of bills on my dresser that are earmarked for my next “fun” purchase.  My last one was an iPad.  That one, as you can imagine, took quite a while to save up for.  (The stack of 20s was quite impressive also).

I save money like this because I see it as the only smart option for purchases.  Credit Card and store  card debt is not gtg, so I save my extra cash and fun money as it comes.  Sometimes it takes several months, sometimes it doesn’t.

Other than telling you that I don’t believe in debt.  I thought I’d share with you the thing which I desire to save my money up for now.

It’s a watch.

But it’s not just any watch.

It comes from Cabelas.  Yeah, that Cabelas.  The world’s foremost outfitter.  And definitely my favorite store that I’ve never been in ( I don’t think Amazon is a store…).

It’s not just any Cabelas watch either.  It tells time.  Of course.  But it also tells location.  Pretty fascinating.  But the real reason this is the watch I want….


It tells TEMPERATURE!!!  How cool is that?  Epic.  That’s what it is.  I know, I’m old and I want to know the temperature all the time.  So, why not have it on a watch?

That’s a little peak into the spending habits and savings goal for me right now….


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