Quarterback Smorterback

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all this Quarterback talk.  I’m tired of quarterbacks getting all the credit for everything.  I’m tired of quarterbacks winning the MVP when it should have been the kicker (see the national championship game).  I’m tired of all the quarterback sound bites.  Just tired of it.

On the radio this morning, I heard a sound bit from the Herd.  He said that you can win with a bad quarterback, but you can’t win the super bowl.  It’s sound bites like that that just continue the trend of this trash of an idea.

Tired of it.

There’s a lot more to a football team than the quarterback.  You can win without great quarterback play.  I would even argue you can win super bowls without them.

Three of the four teams left this weekend focus on defense.  It’s the major focus.  They also all have great running games.  That’s their strategy for success.  It’s not as much about the quarterback.

It is possible to win without a great quarterback.  It’s possible to win without a great running back.  It’s possible to win without a great cornerback.  You just have to work around it.  Stop giving the quarterback that much credit.

The odds are stacked for the offense.  The quarterback can’t even be touched anymore, of course he’s going to put up great numbers.  I’m not impressed.

I’m tired of the MVP of the year always being a quarterback.  I’m tired of the MVP of the Super Bowl automatically being the quarterback.  It’s ridiculous.  And as far as I’m concerned it’s the easy way out.

I don’t like the Patriots, but I really hope they lose big time this weekend so that it’s clear that defense and a running game win championships.




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3 responses to “Quarterback Smorterback

  1. Jon

    Until recently, I thought that the love of the quarterback was merely a part of culture. We tend to celebrate and focus on stars (look at the NBA). Thus, I don’t think that a non-Patriots champion will prove anything. The other elements of the game will always be overshadowed. Sure, Brady threw 6 TDs, but what about the Patriots defense that game, causing 14 plays for negative yardage? Sure, Alex Smith outdueled Drew Brees at the end of their game, but what about the 5 turnovers the Niners defense caused? This is just the way things are, unfortunately.

    On another note, beyond maybe Flacco, I don’t think we can call any of the remaining quarterbacks anything less than “good”. The QB will still be the heavily celebrated part of any winning team. It is a sad state, it’s true; let’s go back to the days where Desmond Howard could be the Super Bowl MVP for kick returns.

  2. hoogator

    See Jeff MacGregor’s column this week on the NFL, tribalism, and the quarterback.

  3. Caleb Euhus

    Josh Moran you’re so right…thank you for entertaining me at work.

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