Book Review: Enemies of the Heart

I got a copy of Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley to review the other day from Mulnomah.

I’ve always enjoyed Andy, and have found him to be really good at many of the things that he focuses on.  This list includes, money, margin and then the topic of this book.  The enemies of the heart.  The subtitle of the book is breaking free from the four emotions that control you.

This book was born out of a series they do at Northpoint on these four things.  The last time they did it it was branded around the word owe.

I owe you – guilt. You owe me – anger. I owe me – greed. God owes me – jealousy.

Andy gives some great insight into each of these four areas and how to spot them in your own life.  Thankfully, this is not where Andy stops with the book.  He takes a good portion of the book to help people understand how to work these things out of our hearts.  The last section is on why it matters in the long haul.

Like always, I found Andy to be incredibly pastoral and always pushing towards an application.  It’s a great book for anyone to read, because chances are we all deal with at least one of these enemies of the heart.



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