Latest Emma Conversation

Oftentimes people ask if Emma knows that she’s having a little brother.  Or how much she understands that there is a kid in her mother.

She can point and say baby at her mom, and sometimes she’ll point at her own stomach when asked where the baby is.  However, this was the best conversation to date about it just the other night.


Me: Emma do you want a puppy?  (she loves dogs, loves them).

Emma: Noooooo

Me: Oh, ok.  Emma do you want a baby brother?

Emma: Noooooo.

Me: Oh, do you want to be an only child.

Emma: yup.


So, that’s it folks.  Emma is in for a big awakening come May…


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One response to “Latest Emma Conversation

  1. Katie

    Wait… Emma’s just getting a little brother in May right? Not a puppy too…. Oh dear.

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