Super Bowl 46

I’m sitting here watching The Replacements and I thought I’d get my Super Bowl thoughts out there before the big game.

I’m pretty over all the hype, so I’m pretty stoked we had our retreat this weekend so I didn’t have to listen to it all. That’s a reason I’m watching The Replacements. No pre game talk about the same stuff I’ve heard all week for me. And who doesn’t love Keanu? (I did watch Speed before this too…)

I’m rooting for the Giants. I think the Patriots will win. I’m really afraid it’ll be a blowout.

So. Here are some thoughts I have on the game. In no particular order.

1. Roman numerals are stupid.
2. I think Eli makes a great case for being more clutch than Peyton with a win. More clutch. Not better. Unless you think more clutch is better and I would be fine with that.
3. Brady may be in the running for best ever with a win.
4. I’m glad there are no hokies on either team, but there are some Hoos.
5. It would be weird to watch the game at 230. I’m looking at you, West Coast.
6. I’m interested to see how the Giants try and cover the TightEnds. They’ve been dominant this year.
7. I think it’s ridiculous that the Patriots don’t have enough cornerbacks and Edelman has to play defensive back. That’s not novel, it’s stupid.
8. I think Gronk will play.
9. I wonder how old next years super bowl halftime show will be?


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