Winter Retreat

Well, we just got back from our Winter Retreat. The Winter Retreat is the District wide (and now reaching outside our district….helloooo pendel). Around 400 students attended and we had a great weekend at the Dulles Hilton.

If I had one word to describe the weekend it would be solid. We had a very community building, bible teaching, solid weekend.

Alicia Chole was our keynote speaker. It was my first time hearing and seeing Alicia,though I’ve heard a lot about her books. I think she did a fantastic job giving us some of the ins and outs of what it means when Jesus says, “Come, follow me.”.

Funny side note. Last year Mario had us stand up and say, “I am Jonah,” this year Alicia did a message on Judas and I was afraid we were going to have to stand up and say, “I am Judas.”

The breakout sessions were well attended and ranged from prayer, the nations, money, relationships, and biblical global justice. I had the privilege of teaching on money and feel like it went really well. It was my first time teaching on it and I was pleased with the questions and the feedback I got.

I feel like the band and the main sessions were energetic and energy giving. I l Ike some of the steps we took to make them a big deal and keep the excitement high. It felt like the ante was upped, and that’s a good thing.

Overall, a great weekend that was well worth all the time put into it.

As for me, I feel like I walked away with more of a desire to surrender all to Jesus. This probably came from the first night as we talked about moving cross-ward as we followed Jesus. I’m a work in progress and there are definite areas that I’d like to surrender more to Jesus in. So, that’s been my prayer since Friday night!

If you went what’s your takeaway from the retreat?

If you wanted to see what people were saying during the retreat check out a twitter search for @xawr12 .


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