Wahoo Through and Through

After watching the Super Bowl and hearing Chris Canty say Wahoowah in front of 100 million people, I’ve been thinking about being a wahoo myself.

Ok, let’s be honest, I was thinking about it before then and that’s not the reason I was thinking of it, but I thought it was a good intro…


I’m a wahoo. Through and through. This morning I found more evidence for this. Evidently I only buy orange and blue hygiene products. Yup. That’s right.

Toothbrush. Orange and Blue.
Deodorant. Orange and Blue
Razor. Orange and Blue.

None of that was done on purpose but I must be more attracted to the products that use the colors of my beloved wahoos.

Weird huh?



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3 responses to “Wahoo Through and Through

  1. Would you say I’m a fool?

  2. Josh

    you sold out man…what’s the deal with the advertisements?

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