Article on Piper and Masculinity

I found an interesting article over on Christianity Today’s her.meneutics. Yeah, it’s the womens blog but I still peruse it from time to time.

Anyways, the article can be found here

I’ve been struggling through this inner turmoil on the subject and really enjoyed the blogpost. Honestly, I’m a Mark Driscoll fan and enjoy a lot of Piper’s stuff too. I do have concerns over over defining biblical manhood and biblical womanhood. Mostly because I don’t know that the Bible has a tremendous amount to say about the two. I think most of what the Bible has to say about biblical manhood (and subsequently biblical womanhood) is that you should live out what we call the three anchors at XA at UVA. A real devotional life, live in real community, and have real responsibility.

Those are true for men and women.

I guess my bigger issue is taking any idea we have and throwing the word biblical in front of it “just for good measure.”

Anybody else feel this way or disagree with the article?


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