Book Review: Radical Together

I read Radical Together by David Platt this morning.  Pretty quick and insightful read.

I never read Radical, but Radical Together is about communities of faith being radical.  Taking the committment to being disciplers of all nations seriously in a community of faith. I really enjoyed his style and his sense of conviction over the biblical truths he was sharing and had shared with his own faith community.  

Platt’s writing was lined up with a lot of other things that have been going on in my walk with God.  He talks about killing the American Dream (see Dick Brogden) and that the gospel is about more than just salvation ( see Scot McKnight and N.T. Wright).  

David breaks this idea down into six different categories.  I’ll list them and give a brief thought on them.

1. Tyranny of Good.  The biggest enemy of the church is doing good things and not doing great things.  Nothing revolutionary here from the leadership standpoint.  This is a leadership axiom shared by many people.  But what is revolutionary ist he questions they were asking.  Is this the best thing for the Kingdom worldwide?  How can we be the best stewards of our finances?  Great questions that can be answered many different wasys.

2. The Gospel Misunderstood.  For this one you can see my last review of Scot McKnight’s book.  Pretty much the same idea just not worked out as much because it’s just a chapter in a shorter book.

3. God is Saying Something.  I really appreciated this chapter.  He talked about letting the Word preach itself.  And always coming back to the Word.  Spoken Word is not something that is dying in our day, it’s something people are craving and we should continue to go to it.

4. The Genius of Wrong. Building the Right Church depends on using the wrong people.  Here, his point is that the people of the church should be doing the discipling.  Pastors are on staff to shepherd the flock and teach them to train others.  Not to put on the whole show so people can bring their friends and say, “just listen to the pastor.”  

5. Our Unmistakable Task.  Live for the end of the world.  Evangelize the world so that Jesus will come back. Share the good news, even in the hard places.  

6. God Who Exalts God.  We are to live selfless lives.  We should give up our lives, not sip our lattes.  


I found Radical Together to be a great book, very encouraging though it was hard hitting.  I hope that the church can continue on the path that the gospel has set out for us.

I will say one of the things I’m taking away from the book is to try and spread our charitable giving more around the world and the idea of foster care is continuing to grow in my mind.


Also, I received this book free to review.  


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