Church Discipline

There has been a little spike in the blogosphere over church discipline lately. Well, mostly the church discipline of Mars Hill Seattle and because of that the practices of the one and only Mark Driscoll.

Evidently, the leadership of Mars Hill tired to excommunicate a young man recently because he had what they would have called an unrepentant heart concerning his current sexual sin. The leadership team asked his small group to stop hanging out with him and there was a big mess over the whole deal.

Now, I don’t necessarily want to just talk about the ins and outs of church discipline. What I’m really confused about was the fuss that was made by so many “christian” bloggers. All they had was his side of the story and they set out to demonize Driscoll and Mars Hill based on one side of the story. Don’t they understand how hard church discipline is? How hard it is for a church to actually enact biblical church discipline in “tolerance is king” America. It’s not easy and they did not make the process any easier. Majorly frustrating, in my opinion.

Now, I do like Driscoll and Mars Hill (and Justin Holcomb for that matter). But I think the blog world got a little ahead of themselves in this one and didn’t do anyone any favors.

I skimmed Mars Hill’s response that Justin Holcomb posted. You can check that out here


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