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Sperry Stink

My feet stink. More often than not. This post is not about that, it’s about a particular stink. The “I wore my Sperries for too long today” stink.

I own a pair of Sperries and I like them very much. However, if I wear them for the majority of the day it gets bad, really bad. They are probably my worst smelling shoes that I own.

Honestly, this doesn’t bother me. I sometimes wonder if it bothers other people, but what can ya do? But, that’s not the reason for this post.

The reason for this post is to set other Sperry wearers free. I was in a one on one the other day and the young man I was meeting with was wearing Sperries (since I minister at UVA this could literally be all of my one on ones). We were talking about how bad my feet stink when I wear mine and he nonchalantly made it seem like that was the norm for Sperries.

This made me feel better about my Sperries. I’m still mindful not to wear them all day. But I def felt better about wearing them in general.

So, I hope this post sets all Sperry wearers free. Be comfortable.


*edit: I have solved the problem, you can find the answer here.



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Miami 2012

Yooooo! Here is the Spring Break recap.

Man, what a great week. Spending the week serving in Miami was tremendous. We got to do so many different things, and there truly was a chance for each student to have a ministry that fit their sweet spot. It was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot, which we learned was very healthy for Christians to do.

We were hosted by the Kalbacs and Christ Fellowship Miami. We couldn’t have found better hosts! Brittany set everything up for us and we had plenty to do. Without her there wouldn’t have been a trip let alone things to do when we got down there. Couldn’t have done it without her.

The Kalbacs, themselves, we’re tremendous hosts. We were all touched by their hospitality and generosity. The love of Jesus that they have in their hearts, lives, and home was apparent and contagious. We all left with a better understanding of who Jesus is because of the Kalbacs.

There was also an outbreak of swine flu. Yeah, that happened. On my trip. With my students. Crazy. It took down a car of students but they all persevered through the rest of the week and did so with great perseverance. I was impressed by them. (and amazed that swine flu was still around and kicking).

Sunday we got to serve part of the homeless population in Miami. We served them a meal, offered haircuts, and then had a church service.

On Monday and Tuesday we worked at the Agape women’s center. This was an amazing place where women with different “problems” can come. They could be addicted to narcotics, alcohol, or be people who harm themselves. These women check in and agree to stay for at least a certain amount of time. Then they have the option of staying longer or leaving. It was amazing to see the whole ness that was being restored I these women. The group really enjoyed spending two days with them and being able to share life stories and testimonies with each other. It was a great blessing. In the evenings we went to KIX, which is an after school tutoring program. (think abundant life in Cville). Tis was a lot of fun and the kids were happy to see us.

Wednesday was more of a work day. We worked at an orphanage’s warehouse and helped them organize a lot of things. Half the group went to KIX that afternoon while the other half got to go and work at a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Thursday was a major highlight for me. We went to FIU to evangelize. This was a beautiful day and our students really stepped up to the plate to and spoke boldly. I was impressed with the amount of great conversations that were had by so many different groups. It was great! I feel like we really made a difference in eternity that day in many peoples lives.

Friday was our off day which was highlighted by Andy and I beating Tyler and Brian in full contact pool basketball.

It was a great Spring Break filled with many different things! I’m always very thankful for the difference Spring Break makes in so many lives! It is such a great catalyst for life change in everyone!

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February 2012 Morangram

Enjoy our February2012 Morangram!

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Spring Break 2012

Well, Spring Break is upon us!  A lot of the international teams rolled out early this morning.  They take advantage of the light load that many students have on Fridays, especially Friday before Spring Break and get some help in the travel day department.  

My team and I leave tomorrow at noon.  We will be stopping by Auntie Anne’s and grabbing free pretzels on the way to Reagan National Airport.  From there, we’ll fly to Miami and spend the week patterning with Christ Fellowship Miami.  

We’ll be doing a wide variety of things as we’re down in Miami.  We’ll be partnering with a homeless outreach, and even putting on a homeless service Sunday morning.  A couple of days will be spent partnering with a domestic abuse shelter in any way that we can.  We’ll be helping tutor some middle and high school students after school many afternoons.  We even plan on doing some contact evangelism at a University and some shopping centers (potentially south beach) while we’re down there also.  

I’m really excited to be able to work with so many different ministries and get to show the students what it’s like to step outside of some comfort zones.  

I’m also excited to see what God does in the team itself.  I’m always amazed by at how a Spring Break team comes together and bonds over a week.  I guess I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am since it happens every year.  But, it’s still amazing.  We show up having little in common besides Jesus which turns out to be a lot in common.  

It should be a great trip!  Pray for us this coming week as you get the chance.  We’ll be gone Saturday to Saturday, March 3-10.

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2011 NIV

Well, some of you have noticed and others of you haven’t noticed but the NIV has updated their translation. Many of us read the NIV and have used the 1984 edition since well, 1984. The NIV committee has made changes throughout the way but none big enough to roll out a new copyright date for the version. Until now.

After the debacle that was the TNIV (I blame the militancy of the piperites) they finally came out with an updated version that takes today’s language into account.

I sat in on a talk that Douglas Moo, the head of the NIV translation committee, gave at the Study Center last semester. He explained why the NIV committee updated their language and it made complete sense to me. I mean, why shouldn’t we have a translation that is up to date and helps us to understand biblical truths in today’s language?

Moo outlined the word studies that were done, the language studies that were done and why the changes that were made were made. It was all about making things more understandable, this should be a noble task!

I know a lot of people are getting caught up in the gender issues. I think the committee worked very hard to make sure what the author intended came across. So, if Paul used brothers to mean brothers and sisters, then they changed it to brothers and sisters. What is the problem there? If Paul used men to mean men, then they left it at men. This sounds like a good idea to me.

I also found the following statement from Moo to be very helpful. Wen talking of the translation difference between the NIV, ESV, and NLT he said the following,

The NIV is trying to preserve natural English.
The ESV is trying to make it understandable English, a more formal translation.
The NLT is looking for easy English.

I found that comparison to be very helpful in my understanding.
This is going to wreck havoc on some of my verses I had memorized, but if it makes the biblical text more understandable and is still a good dynamic translation, I’m all for it.

I haven’t yet picked up my copy yet, but I hope to grab one very, very soon.

What say you about the 2011 NIV?


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