Spring Break 2012

Well, Spring Break is upon us!  A lot of the international teams rolled out early this morning.  They take advantage of the light load that many students have on Fridays, especially Friday before Spring Break and get some help in the travel day department.  

My team and I leave tomorrow at noon.  We will be stopping by Auntie Anne’s and grabbing free pretzels on the way to Reagan National Airport.  From there, we’ll fly to Miami and spend the week patterning with Christ Fellowship Miami.  

We’ll be doing a wide variety of things as we’re down in Miami.  We’ll be partnering with a homeless outreach, and even putting on a homeless service Sunday morning.  A couple of days will be spent partnering with a domestic abuse shelter in any way that we can.  We’ll be helping tutor some middle and high school students after school many afternoons.  We even plan on doing some contact evangelism at a University and some shopping centers (potentially south beach) while we’re down there also.  

I’m really excited to be able to work with so many different ministries and get to show the students what it’s like to step outside of some comfort zones.  

I’m also excited to see what God does in the team itself.  I’m always amazed by at how a Spring Break team comes together and bonds over a week.  I guess I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am since it happens every year.  But, it’s still amazing.  We show up having little in common besides Jesus which turns out to be a lot in common.  

It should be a great trip!  Pray for us this coming week as you get the chance.  We’ll be gone Saturday to Saturday, March 3-10.


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  1. It’s gonna be a great week. Looking forward to it!

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