Sperry Stink

My feet stink. More often than not. This post is not about that, it’s about a particular stink. The “I wore my Sperries for too long today” stink.

I own a pair of Sperries and I like them very much. However, if I wear them for the majority of the day it gets bad, really bad. They are probably my worst smelling shoes that I own.

Honestly, this doesn’t bother me. I sometimes wonder if it bothers other people, but what can ya do? But, that’s not the reason for this post.

The reason for this post is to set other Sperry wearers free. I was in a one on one the other day and the young man I was meeting with was wearing Sperries (since I minister at UVA this could literally be all of my one on ones). We were talking about how bad my feet stink when I wear mine and he nonchalantly made it seem like that was the norm for Sperries.

This made me feel better about my Sperries. I’m still mindful not to wear them all day. But I def felt better about wearing them in general.

So, I hope this post sets all Sperry wearers free. Be comfortable.


*edit: I have solved the problem, you can find the answer here.



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2 responses to “Sperry Stink

  1. Daniel

    I searched “My Sperries stink” and funny I ended up here. I go to UVA and I agree, everyone wears Sperries here, haha.

    My Sperries stink so badly that whenever I wear them without socks, my feet have this pungent odor after I remove them!

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