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Book Review: Bonhoeffer

I finished Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy last week. I have one word to describe this book and this man.


Anyways. What a fantastic read. It’s definitely the longest book I’ve read in a while coming in just under 550 pages. It was fast paced, historical, hilarious and inspiring all at the same time.

First, Bonhoeffer was a beast. An absolute beast. He was all of the things in the subtitle of the book and more often than not he was all of those things at the same time. He loved children, inner city children specifically. He studied theology. Hated lazy or “nominal” Christians. He believed being Christian should permeate every aspect of your life and we, as Christians, should stand up for the disenfranchised. Furthermore, he lived it out, even playing part in an assassination attempt on Hitler because of the atrocities his regime were carrying out against those less fortunate.

Bonhoeffer should give all Christians a nice kick in the pants to be more active in the world and in their own personal devotional lives.  He lived in the biblical text. It was his source of strength and inspiration and hope and care and the motivation for all of his acts.

I love history and this book definitely touched my historical side. Metaxas took us into the second world war and gave us a picture of what was going on in the life of Bonhoeffer and how the world around him was affecting that. It was well done and helped me to put together a lot of pieces in a puzzle I had of that decade.

I was inspired to read my Bible more. I was inspired to look around me and see if there was something I could be doing to help those less fortunate. I was inspired to take the Bible seriously and I was inspired to live a life in community. How many books do all of those things?

If you want your passion for any of those to grow, I would recommend reading this book.

If there would be one negative about this book it would be in the life that Bonhoeffer was born into. The man did fantastic things and was able to do so because he was born into such an affluent family. He traveled, met influential people and could take time off to write and think in a way that others without his status couldn’t. Bonhoeffer isn’t to blame for this, but it didn’t help contribute to who he was.

Anybody else read it? Got any other great biographies out there?

*Ok, so I didn’t come up with the word, Andy Gordon did.  But, it still stands.



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Just wanted to give everyone an update on where things stand with Bubba.

Katie went to the doctor this past week and we are in the homestretch. It looks like we are shooting for the first week if May for the new addition to the Moran family. Very exciting news!

We have cleaned and prepared our room for the arrival and will probably put the carseat in the car early next week.

Bubba is currently third on our list of names. We are going to hold out our top two but will let you know his middle name will be Michael.

It’s a good thing this is the quiet season in campus ministry….riiight?

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Golf Boys

How can you not root for “Bubba” to be the name of our son?


April 12, 2012 · 10:25 am

What a Night!

Words really can’t describe Dive Deep last night. It was incredible. It was powerful. It was filled with joy, love, peace and all things that are right.

The Good Friday Dive Deep is a tradition in Chi Alpha. We gather as a community to reflect and respond to the reality that on a fateful Friday some 2000 years ago our Savior hung on a cross for us. Then, we end with a celebration of the new life we have in Christ because if Easter with Baptisms!

Last night, we took a journey though the whole passion week (the week leading up to the crucifixion).

We journeyed through the Gate and into the triumphal entry. We imagined what it must have been like to have been there. The crowded streets, the smells, and…then….the Messiah….on a donkey? What a humble man that we shouted Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! to.

We entered the Garden of Gethsemane and tried and imagine giving ourselves over to the will of the Father in the same way that Jesus did.

We moved to Friday with Golgotha, the place of the skull. Here our Savior was crucified. Here we focused on three of his last words and what they could mean for us today. We took communion as a body, together. To celebrate his death, until He comes.

Then! Then! We moved to the Grave, the empty tomb. We celebrated that He is Risen! He is Risen! He is Risen! We took part in the party that is life that is lived in the resurrection. We had joy, excitement, and anticipation!

This is where the baptisms happened. We had 19 baptism candidates! What a joy to take part in this ordinance! What a joy to take part in what Jesus commanded and used as a picture of the new life that we have in Him. What a privilege, what an honor.

It will never cease to amaze me the amount of transformation God does in all of us. It’s powerful to hear the stories of transformation from all of the candidates about how God intersected their lives. How God used people, messages, “coincidences” and promptings of His Spirit. Powerful stories.

The community celebrated each new life like it was their own. A beautiful picture of a vibrant community that is rooted in Jesus. Absolutely breathtaking.

If you’ve never been to a Chi Alpha Dive Deep, I would recommend you make it out!

If you went to this one, what did you think?

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Bracket Madness

You may or may not know that I won most of the brackets I entered this year.  My picks were pretty on point.  You can see one of the winning brackets here.  I finished in the overall place of 9772, which is the 99.8 percentile, and I ran the East Bracket, which is always one of my goals.

Alas, that’s not what this post is about.  This post is inspired by Johnny Carpenter or @jonayonthespot or Gideonitis.

I hate what picking a bracket or any fantasy sport does to me. It’s utter madness.  Last night, while watching the championship game I rooted for Kentucky. I hate Calipari. I think he stands for most of what’s wrong with College Basketball (he’s not the only one, he’s probably just the best at it). But, I rooted for Kentucky. I pulled for the favorite. Why? Because I picked them, and I’d get some sweet shirts out of the deal. Thanks Robert Redd.

I don’t just do this in College Basketball. I do this in Football, Nascar (yes, I play fantasy nascar), golf (yes, I play fantasy golf), and any other sport I pick fantasy teams in.

I hate it.

I also can’t stop it. Fantasy sports have changed the nature of watching the game and I’ve found myself along for the ride.

I wish I could finish this post with I don’t want to be along for the ride, but I will enjoy those shirts when they get here!


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Are You On The Wrong Train?

I’ve been reading Bohnhoeffer’s biography by Metaxas lately and a picture stuck out to me.

In one of the chapters Bohnhoeffer is considering whether or not to join the German Church (the church the Nazis were running). And one of his mentors suggests that they join the German Church so they can influence it from within.

Ultimately, Bonhoeffer decides this is not a good idea and says it doesn’t matter if you’re walking backwards on the wrong train, you’re still on the wrong train going the wrong way. It’s more important to get on the right train and to influence from there.

I found this to be a fascinating word picture. One I have given a little thought to over the years. This idea of influence and who is influencing who is a great question that we should all be asking. Who is doing the influencing in your relationships? Did you intend to be the influencer and have become the influenced?

Is there another train that you should be getting on?

Take some time to reflect through this things and see which train you’re on and where it is going.


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