Are You On The Wrong Train?

I’ve been reading Bohnhoeffer’s biography by Metaxas lately and a picture stuck out to me.

In one of the chapters Bohnhoeffer is considering whether or not to join the German Church (the church the Nazis were running). And one of his mentors suggests that they join the German Church so they can influence it from within.

Ultimately, Bonhoeffer decides this is not a good idea and says it doesn’t matter if you’re walking backwards on the wrong train, you’re still on the wrong train going the wrong way. It’s more important to get on the right train and to influence from there.

I found this to be a fascinating word picture. One I have given a little thought to over the years. This idea of influence and who is influencing who is a great question that we should all be asking. Who is doing the influencing in your relationships? Did you intend to be the influencer and have become the influenced?

Is there another train that you should be getting on?

Take some time to reflect through this things and see which train you’re on and where it is going.



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2 responses to “Are You On The Wrong Train?

  1. Kelly

    This is good! You need to flag this for a message somewhere! Do you have a Pinterest account? You should, for stuff like this that you don’t want to forget!

  2. @Kelly – I have it saved in evernote and on here. I most definitely do not have a Pinterest account. Lol

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