Bracket Madness

You may or may not know that I won most of the brackets I entered this year.  My picks were pretty on point.  You can see one of the winning brackets here.  I finished in the overall place of 9772, which is the 99.8 percentile, and I ran the East Bracket, which is always one of my goals.

Alas, that’s not what this post is about.  This post is inspired by Johnny Carpenter or @jonayonthespot or Gideonitis.

I hate what picking a bracket or any fantasy sport does to me. It’s utter madness.  Last night, while watching the championship game I rooted for Kentucky. I hate Calipari. I think he stands for most of what’s wrong with College Basketball (he’s not the only one, he’s probably just the best at it). But, I rooted for Kentucky. I pulled for the favorite. Why? Because I picked them, and I’d get some sweet shirts out of the deal. Thanks Robert Redd.

I don’t just do this in College Basketball. I do this in Football, Nascar (yes, I play fantasy nascar), golf (yes, I play fantasy golf), and any other sport I pick fantasy teams in.

I hate it.

I also can’t stop it. Fantasy sports have changed the nature of watching the game and I’ve found myself along for the ride.

I wish I could finish this post with I don’t want to be along for the ride, but I will enjoy those shirts when they get here!



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2 responses to “Bracket Madness

  1. Jon

    I concur; it’s hard to separate who you’d really root for versus who you’re supposed to root for fantasy-wise. I almost ran the Midwest bracket (Ohio and NC State included; only missed the regional final) and had UNC winning it all, and I was lucky my senses kicked in during the UNC/Ohio game enough to say “Forget brackets: go upset, go Ohio!”.

  2. Kelly

    Jon – This made me LOL! I also hate that some games start after 9pm (INCLUDING THE CHAMPTIONSHIP!) STUPID WEST COAST! I hate not being able to enjoy watching all the games.

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