Book Review: Erasing Hell

I just finished Erasing Hell by Francis Chan. I actually read the whole thing today, on the iPad nonetheless.

The doctrine of Hell is one that has interested me for a long time. Seems a little too obvious, but not everyone is interested in talking about Hell. I’ve preached on hell. I’ve blogged on books written on hell. I even teach an internship class on hell. One that I think I’m going to make just on hell next year.

I think Chan, in his usual way make the topic of hell very approachable. He brings great depth and great clarity to a subject that is not very understood in the American church. Erasing Hell is a fantastic response to Love Wins. Chan’s case is clear and compelling. The Biblical case for hell speaks for itself and Chan allows it to speak for itself. This is an area that has always impressed me with Chan, he lets the Bible speak for itself. Very well done.

I was particularly struck by the annihilation versus eternality of hell debate that Chan had with himself in the middle of the text. He has convinced me to take a second look at those passages and see if hell is eternal or if the people there eventually are annihilated… Very interesting thoughts.

I did find Chan’s discourse on racism to be a bit out of place in the context of a book on hell, but he fit it in there. It’s not that I don’t agree, it’s just that it distracted from the end of the book.

The Frequently Asked Questions section was worth the price of the book (full disclosure is I got it for free on a special). I especially enjoyed the answer on if Jesus preached to the prisoners in hell or not.

I have still found God Wins to be the best response to Love Wins but Erasing Hell was still a very good solid read.


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