Hospital Toilets

As you probably know, we are at the new Martha Jefferson hospital right now. Our son Bubba Levi was born Tuesday night. As you could have guessed this means I have used the bathroom here a lot. Since it’s a new hospital, that means new toilets. #winning

There is something different about these toilets though. They come with a sign. And a way to conserve water. You push up to use 30 percent less water. You push down to use a complete “traditional” flush.

The sign says flush up for liquids and flush down for solids. A polite way of distinguishing between #1 and #2. Nice idea, I like it. However, I vote we go one step further to the age old saying,

“If it’s brown flush it down, if it’s yellow let it mellow.”

I’m committed to saving the environment, are you?


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