iPad 2 Cases

As you may know, I have an ipad2. One of the harder things of owning an ipad2 was picking out a case. As a matter of fact, I carried it in the box for a while before I was able to pull the trigger on a case.

I went with the dodocase. A dodocase is built to keep your case from going extinct and that’s exactly what I wanted. And that it did. I took the case to Miami with me and it served me very well. Sadly, the edges broke on the case. I was glad the case protected my iPad! It definitely served its purpose. So I contacted customer service and they said they would send me a replacement case. Great customer service. Great case.

However, while I waited for my replacement case, I was carrying the iPad around nekkid. And I liked it. I liked it a lot. It was lightweight, sleek, portable and a lot of other things. The dodocase didn’t offer me this. What was I to do? I picked up a smartcover. I love it. It keeps my iPad covered and does all the things I want it to do. It even let’s me use the iPad in the vertical position which the dodocase didn’t help as much.

The smartcover doesn’t protect the iPad very much. Really hardly at all. I can’t just throw it in my bag like I could with the dodocase. I’ve decided to just go from here on out just carrying the iPad out of my bag.

The dodocase was really only able to be use horizontally. It felt awkward vertically.

The smart cover does sit up nicely with the triangle thing. So did the dodocase,

I got a lot of comments about my case with the dodocase, I don’t get any with my smartcover.

The dodocase prevented me from taking pictures with the iPad. My iPhone takes pictures just fine and photo stream take care of the rest.

If you want protection and the wow factor go with the dodcase. If you want to keep the sleekness of the iPad go with the smart cover.

All that to say I’ve got a dodocase for sale. Anybody interested?


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