Book Review: Platform

I picked up Michael Hyatt‘s new book Platform earlier this week and have already finished it! It was a very fast paced and engaging read that I found hard to put down. I also read it through iBooks which I find makes things go a little faster than actual books for some reason.

Michael set out to get a lot of the thoughts he has had for years on building a platform into one book. And that he did. He uses short chapters and five big ideas to help keep the reader engaged and excited about building their own platform.

I will say that I enjoyed the book greatly. As a person who has a bit of a social media platform, Michael gave words to many of the things I was feeling. More so than that, he gave literally hundreds of ideas for the next step that I can take. I think it will be best to go back through and mark down a lot of the things he recommends (especially websites).

Anyone who uses the Internet and has a brand or wants to have any bit of an audience should read this book.

I do recommend that it is taken with a grain of salt though. I don’t think we are all built to be in the top 1% of the Internet world. For every Michael Hyatt there are literally hundreds or thousands of people who want to just be bloggers and speakers and will never make it.

Personally, I’d like to expand my blog and brand and make a little more money doing it than I do now. However, I don’t ever see myself as being like tentblogger where blogging is all I do. I also don’t anticipate being a CEO or chairman of any companies.

I really love what I’m doing right now and reject the fact that everything has to be seen as a stepping stool to something “bigger.” I don’t think this is what Michael was saying. It’s just an idea out there right now that I don’t enjoy at all.

It was a very worthwhile read for me. And I’ve now added Michael’s blog to my list of reads because of it. That should a pretty good endorsement.

Anybody else read it yet?


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