Support 1 – The Other End Of The Phone Call

Ahh summertime. Beaches, pools, vacations, golf, and….

Support phone calls.

Yes, the summer is a major time for support raisers. Letters, phone calls, voicemails, pledges, databases and coffee dates. Exciting, exciting stuff.

I do a lot of support coaching nowadays, especially as we continue to grow as an internship program. I give them some dos and donts and tips and encouragement. This series of posts is for them and for the people on the other side of the phone call. I hope you find this series helpful. Please let me know what you think!

This first post is for the people on the other side of the phone call. Those who get the support calls. A couple of quick pointers for ya…

First, let me encourage you to ask questions. The whole process goes smoother when everyone knows what is going on and is on the same page. If you have questions, please ask them. We probably forgot that not everyone knows and would love the chance to explain it.

Second, give within your means. Live generously, but do it within a budget. When you’re asked for money, crunch some numbers, look at the big picture. Make a pledge that I will be beneficial to you and the missionary. If you commit to a number that puts you in undue financial strain or that you have to stop giving, both parties lose.

I recommend finding a giving strategy. Either wanting to give a certain percentage every year or trying to increase that percentage each year (even if only by hundredths or tenths of a percent), or a certain amount that you will live off of and give the rest…

Third, if you have to say no, then say no. Nothing is worse than the runaround. And honestly, no is ok. I say no every year to people who ask. Katie and I support missionaries, but we can’t support everyone who asks, so we have to say no occasionally. It sucks, but it happens.

Fourth, I find it to be a great idea to try and think through who else might be asking you for support when someone calls. This way you have a clearer picture of how much you can give.

Fifth, if you can give recommendations. If its a compelling vision, why not recommend it to our friends and family and have other people share in the blessing??

Lastly, I hope that this is an act of joy for everyone. Keep the lines of communication clear and open and it will be!

Anything you would add?

The rest of the series includes:                                                                                                                          one like this for supporters,                                                                                                                              one on some common misconceptions,                                                                                                         and one on how to tell someone you have to stop supporting them.



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