Support 3- How to Tell Someone You’re Done Supporting Them

Today we continue our series on support raising. You can see the start of the series here.

The topic for this post is how to tell someone that you aren’t going to support them anymore.

Here’s the deal. We are missionaries, yes. This doesn’t mean that we don’t understand that sometimes life happens. You want to go back to school, you lose your job, your kids do something stupid to put you in financial hardship. Life. Just. Happens. We understand. We’re ok with it, we just prefer to be kept in the loop.

Over the years I’ve had countless people leave my team for who knows how many reasons. Sometimes a credit card expires, sometimes it’s one of the reasons listed above; the only way for me to know is for the supporter to tell me. When this happens, all is right in the world.

For example, in the past couple of weeks I have gotten a phone call and an email from two different supporters. In the communication they said they have loved supporting us, life change was happening and either their faith promise had to stop or had to only be a portion of what it had been. Even better, they said the change will be happening in August and wanted to give us enough time to adjust.

How beautiful is that?

I now have time over the summer to prepare for the drop in support. I spend time every summer raising money so this is really the best time for them to inform me of a change. Even though I’m losing some money each month, I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. I am stoked for both of the life changes that are happening in their lives.

The commonalities in their approach:

1. They communicated it. I’m trained to follow up with people who don’t give after they make a faith promise. I don’t always do it, but I’m trained to.

2. They let me know when they knew. I’m not saying a specific timeline (3 months out or 6 weeks out). I just mean, when they knew it was going to change they let me know. The more lead time the better, but it can’t always be a couple of months.

3. They will stay on our newsletter list and continue to pray for us. I fully believe that. They were behind us, on our team, and had to make adjustments because of their life circumstance not because of something Katie and I had done wrong.

Is there anything you would add to the list of how to tell someone you’re done supporting them?


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