Book Review: Romans and the People of God

Well, it’s finally over. I finished Romans and the People of God this afternoon during family nap time. It has been a long time coming and honestly, I’m glad to be moving on to the next book. This is a book I’ve been struggling through for a long time and the struggle is over!

Romans and the People of God is a Festschrift, that is to say it’s a lot like its title, very hard to understand what it means… It is a collection of essays from scholars in honor of Gordon Fee for his sixtieth birthday. They wrote the essays for Gordon, not for the lameo scholar I think I am. This book kicked my butt.

I should have known. And if I didn’t know before I bought it, I should have known after I read the first essay and realized that Hebrew and Greek words were used in the original language with no explanation. (I took a few years of Greek and still try to struggle through reading it but this was over my head). It was tough sledding from there on out. A very academic piece of work, that I enjoyed but really had to work my way through the weeds.

I do think that I came out with a better understanding of Romans after all, but it was hard.

The book was broken down into three categories: exegetical, thematic, and pastoral essays. I enjoyed them the most in the reverse order, probably for obvious reasons. In the first section the works of Packer and Wright were the most readable which was probably helped by the fact that I have read them both before…

I could go into great detail about all the different essays but it would be a waste of time, if you’d like to know more about certain essays feel free to ask and I can expound as best I can, but the book was smarter than I am so I may not be of as much help as I could be.

Overall, I’d recommend it if you can hang. If you can’t, I’d try something else, no shame in reading at the level in which you currently find yourself.


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