Emma’s New Beginnings

Well, we had some new beginnings for Emma this past week. Thought you would all like to know what they were.

We’ll start slow and work our way up to the top.

First. Emma had her first time peeing in the potty. Her frog potty.

She came home and just decided she wanted to pee in the potty.

So. She. Did.


She hasn’t done it since but there is some good momentum.

Second, and the biggest deal of all.

Emma had her first time at the putting green!!!!


Her and I went out on Sunday afternoon to chip and putt. She brought her golf clubs and I brought mine. She hit a few in the hole but preferred to just pick balls up and throw them in the sand trap. That was her favorite place to play… Next time we’ll know not to send her to the putting green in a nice dress…

Everyone that drove by to get to the seventh hole said I wish I would have started playing golf that young or get her a scholarship! I guess we’ll see if that happens, right now I don’t see much natural talent but it was a fun Daddy-Daughter date.





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