I and a bunch of my Northeast Chi Alpha friends spent last week in Pennsylvania at a conference called INCITE. We had the privilege of hearing Marva Dawn speak for a couple of days as well as share some ideas with each other. I left the conference encouraged and excited about the next year. I thought I would share some of my thoughts here.

– I love being around people who really get what I do, because they do the same thing. I don’t have to explain anything, I don’t have to put my guard up, I can’t just be. And that’s a lot of fun.

– I feel like we got some really great outreach ideas at INCITE. I’m excited to see if we can implement even half of them.

– Marva Dawn was incredible. I can’t encourage you enough to check out her stuff, website and book included. I have added a few of them to my Amazon wish list and will definitely be perusing her website more often.

– I really appreciated her talks on sabbath and how it is a gift for us and not a rule for us. Definitely something to think about as I prepare for more of a lifetime in ministry.

– She gave sense great thoughts on corporate worship that I’m still currently processing. She definitely challenged some of the ways in which I participate in worship and lead corporate worship.

– I wrote down a couple of very interesting websites, including but it’s currently not doing what I think it should, so hopefully that I will be remedied soon.

– I’ve included a nice photo of our favorite fair one, hope you enjoy it!

– We also cleaned up on the giveaways, winning some books and a hammock!!

– What are your favorite conferences to attend?

– One of my favorite quotes has already been chronicled by Blane Young. You can read his thoughts, which I share here. They come from an Andy Stanley talk on apprenticing.

– I hope to get a post up on a tidbit of the Jim Collins talk we listened to about inconsistency. Powerful.



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