Same Day Delivery

Well, I just finished reading an article that said that Amazon is putting money behind the idea of same day delivery and they’re building two distribution centers in Virginia! This is crucial and may help me get to my eventual goal of never going to a store.

I’ve been wondering what has been up at Amazon lately. I’m a prime member and have been getting most of my items a day before they were supposed to arrive. I say a day before because I often take the promotional mp3 credit and just do standard shipping because I’m in no rush. I shop online because it’s cheaper and easier not because I’m necessarily in a rush.

I hate shopping. I really do. I don’t like crowds of people and generally don’t enjoy the retail experience. I have other things that I’d rather do.

I do hate what this may do to small business. I do. But, I don’t hate it enough not to take full advantage of same day shipping.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am part of the Amazon Associates program. So, if you click through on one of my Amazon links I get a small advertising fee. This isn’t influencing my love of Amazon, it’s more of a byproduct.

So, is this the end of small business? Probably not yet.

What say you? Are you excited about this? Going to upgrade to prime? Stop shopping online at all?



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2 responses to “Same Day Delivery

  1. Ugh, that just means we’re going to start paying sales tax in Virginia. I’m having everything shipped to DC.

  2. Im afraid that was already decided Brian.

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