Question of the Day

Ok, here’s my question of the day:

Why do mirrors fog up?

Before you go and send me a wiki article condensation or this ehow article, that’s not exactly what I’m asking. I understand all that. My question is bigger than that.

People shave in the shower. Guys, particularly is what I’m talking about. In order to do this, you probably need a mirror, right? So, they make fogless mirrors. None of this is a surprise so far.

So, here’s the heart of my question.

You mean we have the technology to make fogless mirrors and we’re still making foggy mirrors? Can anyone explain this? I don’t understand.

Is there ever a time that you would need a foggy mirror? Ever?

That’s like saying well, I know we have the ability to make a knife that will cut better but I prefer to make them work harder. Or we could make this truck with the same horsepower and get 30 mpg but I’d rather it get 14…

This bother anyone else? Anything else out there like it?


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