Problem Solved: Sperry Stink

So, my boy @fairchildXA started a problem solving blog the other day. You can catch it here. This inspired me to solve one of the problems that I blogged about a while back and have actually had pretty consistent traffic on. This leads me to believe that everyone needs this problem solved.

How do we keep the Sperry Stink away??

First, I firmly believe that wearing socks would get rid of this problem. However, socks don’t seem as cool or trendy as going barefoot. Also, I’ve seen Devynne Bruce wear a short pair of socks with hers but they looked like they were girls, and well, I’m no girl.

So, here’s the way to solve the problem as least as I’ve seen it. Art of Manliness has a whole article on this. I don’t do all that they recommend but I will share with you what I tried this past weekend.

From Art of Manliness-

Freeze ‘em. Here’s a trick from Grandma. Place you shoes in a ziploc plastic bag and stick them in the freezer overnight. The cold temperature will kill the odor-causing bacteria. When you pull your shoes out, they’ll smell nice and fresh. And it feels really nice to stick your feet in a pair of cold shoes on a hot Oklahoma day.

Yup, I threw my shoes in the freezer in a ziploc bag. I was going on a trip and all I was bringing were my golf shoes and my Sperries. And my Sperries stunk. Bad. Into the freezer they went overnight and they came out smelling just fine. Ready to go for the weekend.
Now, I’ll admit that by the end of the weekend they were ready to go back into the freezer but I’m sure I can work the freezer into my weekly or bi-weekly routine with my Sperries.
Plus, who doesn’t like putting on cold shoes in the summer?
You willing to give it a try? Or do you have a better idea for how to get the smell out of your shoes?


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2 responses to “Problem Solved: Sperry Stink

  1. I’m definitely curious if this works with other types of shoes too… For example, my running shoes.

  2. frank

    tried it. doesn’t really work that well and my Sperries still stink

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