300,000 Life Goal

After reading Mark Batterson’s Circle Maker last year, I took his advice and made a life goal list. I’ve just started it and hope to add to it as I realize things I want to do with my kids based on their interests.

I enjoyed making the list and have enjoyed charting my progress. I encourage you to make a list yourself and see what could come of it.

Anyways, I got closer to a life goal this morning.


Yup, I hit 200,000 miles on the truck this morning on my way home from the office.

So, what’s the life goal you ask?

I want to own and drive a truck with 300,000 miles on it. I don’t want a family car with that but I want to have a truck I drive to work and what not that has 300,000 miles on it. Hopefully, I won’t get there soon but this could be the truck that checks off another life goal!

Are you going to start a life goal list? How many miles do your cars have?


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  1. Is it just as meaningful if you buy the truck used at 299,000? Because I think you may have already come close to that one…just the odometer was broken.

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