Sower and the Seed and Move-in Days

Well, Move-in 2012 is here! Half of the first years at UVA move in today and the other half move in tomorrow. It’s a time of year where grounds is busy but there is an excitement in the air. It’s a time of year where new stories are being written and new chapters of life books are started. It’s full of potential. It’s a time unlike any other.

I’ve been reading the Gospel according to Mark in my devotional time the last couple of weeks. I thought I would share some thoughts from the parable of the sower and seed. It’s from Mark Chapter 4.

The sower goes and throws the seed everywhere. Some of it takes root, some of it doesn’t. Some of it goes up quickly and dies, other seed goes up and continues to grow because it is rooted in the good soil.

How can you not draw the parallel to all of the first years moving in?

Some of them will hear of Jesus and grow for their time here and be set on the trajectory of a life lived in Him. Some of them will hear of Jesus and be excited but not get rooted and eventually wither away. Some of them will hear of Jesus and not be excited and not give it a second look. Their seed will never take any root.

Will you join with me in praying for good soil at the University of Virginia? That the students we encounter, no matter how far away from Jesus they are, would have good soil? That we would be able to help them encounter Jesus in such a way that they would, with great joy, live a life that is marked by the Kingdom of God!


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