Four Digit Rule

School is back in session here at UVA. This means things got a little busy with the occasional late night followed by an early morning. This led me to break the four digit rule for the first time in a very very long time. So, what is the four digit rule and how did I break it?


The four digit rule is a good life rule. It’s a rule that outlines when you can, and conversely cannot, be in the bed.

You must go to bed with four digits on the clock.

You must get out of bed before four digits appear again.

That’s it. Go to bed between 10 and 1259 and get up by 959. Always.

This rule prevents you from going to bed too early. This was our problem in college. We would wait downstairs until 10 pm hit and up to the bed we went.

It also prevents you from staying up too late. Nothing good happens at 1 in the morning. Just go to bed.

Also, it keeps you from sleeping the day away. I mean really. Do you really need to sleep past 10? Not if you went to bed in time. Get up and get going. The world is happening around you, take your part in it. In college, at 10 we turned the music up and banged pots and pans to help those less motivated than we were.

The four digit rule shows no mercy.

I challenge you to put this rule into practice and see how much more you like life and feel better rested!

Oh, how did I break the rule? I went to be at 930 the other night. The kids were asleep, Katie was sick and in bed, so I just went to bed also. Honestly, it was nice but I can’t keep going to bed then, that’s not sustainable.


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  1. I think the 4 digit rule can and should be broken when a) you are pregnant, b) you are nursing, c) you have a toddler, and d) more than one of the above are true.

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