Fall Retreat Recap

Ahh yes, the highly anticipated and entirely too long overdue Fall Retreat Recap!

I just know that you have been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what happened at the Fall Retreat, how the weekend went, and what Shawn spoke on.

Well, wait no longer.

We took over 400 students to beautiful Gore, Va and had a great weekend. Honestly, it was one of the best Chi Alpha retreats I have been on. Things went smoothly, people were engaged and had a great time, and Shawn was phenomenal.

The content for the retreat was the book of Revelation. Yeah, that’s right. Shawn covered all of Revelation in one weekend. It was fantastic. I would highly encourage you to check out the audio links on the XAatUVA website. His explanation of the Seven Churches and the reason for the book of Revelation was phenomenal on Friday Night. It was the best session I’ve heard on Revelation in my lifetime. He explained things that the church has been struggling to figure out for centuries in a succinct and thorough 1 hour session on Friday Night. It set a great tone for the rest of the weekend.

I’ve still been pondering what it means to be an overcomer. That the book of Revelation was written to encourage the Seven Churches to be overcomers is a great framework for which to understand Revelation. More so than that, it’s a great framework for the Christian life. We are overcomers. He has overcome and now we can overcome. A powerful idea and story that we are stepping into. Very encouraging, which is what Revelation was meant to do.

I can’t hardly mention the retreat without mentioning the pranks. We’ve seen a growing prank war rise up in Chi Alpha the past few years. It started out small but has since continued to grow and grow and grow. Now, people prank every year and everyone is involved in a prank in some shape or form (either being pranked or pranking). Someone(s) even moved a staff members car. It’s exciting to see the community grow in joy and laughter together.

We also have begun to have students dress up as Core Groups with a theme. They either dress as Tigers, other wild things, an army ready for battle, ninja turtles, McStuds, and various other themes. It’s really exciting when you can look into the crowd and see Core Groups bonding even if the outfits are a bit outlandish. It’s nice to see real community in action amongst a fellowship as large as ours can feel. I love that it may seem big at first but eventually it all feels like family!




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