The Perfect Storm

It seems like the perfect storm has moved on now in Charlottesville (and no I’m not talking about Midnight Madness).  Everyone has called this thing the perfect storm, and that’s what it has been in Charlottesville.

Nothing bad happened here. We canceled two days of class but haven’t really had anything other than cold rain. It’s a bit surreal to see the pictures on the internet of what is going on North and East of us and to have nothing happen here. Oh, and don’t forget they got snow West of us.

Pretty crazy. We were in the perfect place for the perfect storm to miss it all. Weather confuses me. How does it rain in one place and not in the place right next to it. I find it fascinating. This storm renewed that fascination a little bit (I say a little because I’m a bit tired of 24 hour news talking about the storm).

So, what happened where you were for the storm? What did you do during it? What are your thoughts on weather?


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