College Football Awards

It’s that time of the year again, time for my college football awards.

I’ll give you my winner and my top three for the Heisman because that’s what the voters get to do.

1.Coach of the Year
This one is easy for me. Bill O’Brien. PSU. What happened with that program is remarkable. I thought, for sure, they would be out of the game for at least a decade. And the 0-2 start almost confirmed it. But then, they went 8-2 down the stretch and restored some happiness in Happy Valley. I could hear an argument for Brian Kelly but I could only hear it. His coaching job wasn’t what Bill O’ Brian did.
– fun aside. PSU had more wins than USC and Silas Redd.

2. Heisman
I went very very back and forth on this one all season. I also still wish this wouldn’t be voted on until after the bowl games.

My winner would be Manti Te’o. Notre Dame.
Second. Johnny Football. TAMU
Third. Collin Klein. KSU.

I went with Manti because I believe he’s the best player on the Notre Dame defense that was phenomenal this year. Two stops on fourth and goal from the one to preserve the National Championship hopes. 7 interceptions is pretty impressive as a linebacker also.

3. My National Championship Pick
I’ve been going back and forth on this one. If Alabama runs the ball and runs the ball and runs the ball, I think they win. If they have to throw they lose. I think Nicky Saban is smarter than me and will figure that out. I’ll take Alabama 20-17. But I wouldn’t be surprised by a Notre Dame win but I think they have to keep it under 20. I just don’t trust the ND offense.

4. Best Wahoo Award

As I think back on our season and who my favorite player was this year, I’m going with Jake McGee. That’s it and that’s all. It’s good to see a TE back in there as a monster like he was this year. I love the jump ball to win football games knowing that he will win them for you. I hope we can get him more involved in the offense next year even though Rocco is obviously gone.


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