Why My Daughter is a Pharisee

I came to the realization that my daughter is a Pharisee about halfway through my vacation. Just from being at home more, I picked up on her pharisaical tendencies. The subtitle to this post could be: Why does Levi hate the Jesus Loves Me Song?


So, here’s why my daughter is a Pharisee.

If you watch Emma throughout the day, you will eventually see her do something terrible to her brother. She punches him, kicks him, but mostly steals from him.

You’re right, this doesn’t make her a Pharisee, it just makes her rotten. What happens next is what makes her a Pharisee.

Whenever she does one of these things, and Levi gets upset, Emma sings the Jesus Loves Me song. Literally every time. So, Levi is screaming and Emma tries to soothe him by singing Jesus Loves Me to him. She is the one that has just caused immense pain to the poor 7 month old and she answers that by singing Jesus Loves Me to him. Fantastic. She’s got everything going on the outside but the inside still needs some work.

I think somewhere along the way, we asked her to sing to Levi to help him stop crying in the car. She has taken this advice to heart and is now using it to her advantage after she hurts him.

So, if you ever come over to the Moran household and hear Emma singing Jesus Loves Me, run. You need to go check on Levi and see what she has done to him.


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