Bad Zipper Jeans

Well, today I am wearing those jeans. The pair of jeans that every guy has. I’m not sure if every girl has a pair or not, but I do know that every guy has a pair of these jeans. I have to think ahead of time about these jeans so not to wear them at the inopportune time. That could be really embarrassing. So, what type of jeans are these?


No, these aren’t my jeans. I don’t wear size 6 shoes like this guy.

They’re my bad zipper jeans. You know what I mean when I say bad zipper jeans. The jeans with the zipper that won’t stay up. Every time you go to the bathroom you have one less step to do because the zipper has already done the work for you. Yup, those are the bad zipper jeans.

A few tips for those of us with bad zipper jeans:

1. You have to identify them. The worst part of the bad zipper jeans is not knowing until the first time you use the bathroom. It’s best to know about them before you put them on in the morning. That way you can

2. Choose when to wear them. Once you’ve identified them, you can choose when you wear these jeans. They can be your house jeans or your in the office all day jeans or any other combination. Just as long as they’re not your on stage in front of a lot of people jeans.

3. Yes, you can still wear them. I still wear mine. They’re comfortable. Why would I want to throw them out or not wear them? I just have to be mindful of when I’m wearing them.

4. I have no idea how to keep the zipper up. I just know that I should check more often than not when I’m wearing these jeans. Which is what I do. No big deal. Just one little thing to remember each time I wear them.

So, do you have a pair of bad zipper jeans? How do you keep the zipper up?



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3 responses to “Bad Zipper Jeans

  1. Totally have a pair of those. Put a safety pin through the little hole in the zipper and secure to top of jeans. Either that or wear a long shirt. đŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve never heard of such a thing…obviously don’t have a pair of bad zipper jeans.

  3. Cathy Inouye

    I believe that pintrest had a solution to this. Put a key ring through the zipper puller upper and when you pull it to the top loop the key ring onto the button…easy fix!

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