MNL and XA Unplugged

Tonight is the beginning of a new era in Chi Alpha at the University of Virginia history!

We are going to have two simultaneous services happening in Newcomb Hall. Due to the growth in our fellowship, we no longer fit in one room! It truly is an exciting time as we try and stay on top of the “s curve” of our fellowship. I’ve always heard that necessity is the mother of creativity and we have gotten creative.

We have decided to create two unique experiences on Monday Night. Downstairs in the theater will be the traditional Monday Night Live experience. Live band, live announcements, live testimony, live preaching. The theater holds around 350 seats, so it should be a packed and exciting atmosphere!

At the same exact time, up three floors we will be having Chi Alpha Unplugged. This is designed to be a more low key, Spirit driven, high pastoral experience. We will have a live band (though they would be a little more unplugged than the electric guitar driven band downstairs), live announcements, more worship or prayer time, and then the message will be simulcasted live. We’ll just pipe it in from downstairs and into the room.

One thing we’ve noticed as we’ve grown over the years is that we’ve had less opportunity to pray with students in the Monday Night Live setting. This change will allow us to meet that felt need that we have and hopefully be able to better minister to students in their felt needs.

Honestly, I’m not near as nervous about the first MNL of the semester as I typically am. What I feel this semester is more of an excitement of what is coming. An excitement for what could be possible if we continue down this path. It’s exciting to see the opportunities that God is opening for us and what could be coming down the road.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll meet in all the rooms in Newcomb.


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