Working Myself Out of a Job

The other day I was sitting with a friend and he made a comment that has stuck with me ever since. We were talking about Chi Alpha at UVA and all the technology and what not that it took for the Unplugged Room to happen the other night and he said something to the extent of without you and the fair one we would have been up a creek without a paddle.

What should someone’s reaction be in that moment?

First, I felt appreciated. It’s nice to have your hard work and accomplishments noticed. I think everyone would say that. At least I hope everyone would say that.

Secondly, I felt a bit like a Linchpin. I love my job and am glad that I’m helping to advance the Kingdom here at UVA.

Thirdly, and lastingly, I’ve been thinking more and more about working myself out of a job. I want to get better at allowing others to work with me, to feel empowered and be able to do the things I do. I’m quite certain that what I do isn’t rocket science (though I’ve discipled some who do rocket science!) and many people could do it if I would just let them.

Here’s the thing. If I work myself out of some of the jobs that I do by empowering others I can find other things to do. I can find some more time to be creative and dream. I can find some more time to create resources. I can find some more time to help increase the organizations productivity. This is what everyone should want right?

So, I’ve been trying to put some time into thinking about how I can get others involved. Honestly, I haven’t done it because it’s not easy. I don’t trust easily when it comes to tasks I know I can do. It costs a little bit of time on the front end because I know how to do it and they don’t. But those are pretty lame excuses in the long run.

I’m going to make a concentrated effort to work myself out of a job. What about you?


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