Caught Not Taught

We have a saying in Chi Alpha. Some things are caught, they’re not taught. Some things you just can’t learn in a classroom. I got a good picture of that this weekend.

Me and the family went home this weekend, it was my Great Grandma’s 101st birthday party. That’s beside the point but let me tell you what happened this weekend.

Saturday morning the water upstairs in my parents house wasn’t working. I called dad and we troubleshot it. (By troubleshot it I mean I have no idea how it got working and neither does he). When asked by my mom and wife several times over, dad and I both responded that we fixed it. That was all, it wasn’t working and now it is. We fixed it.

Saturday night I was sitting downstairs in jeans and a tucked in white t shirt. My dad came out of the shower came in, sat down to watch Waterworld with me. You may have guessed, but he was wearing jeans and a tucked in white t shirt.

Sunday morning dad and I got up at 7 and drank coffee while we checked our email and watching hunting and fishing shows.

Sunday afternoon we went to Great Grandma’s party. I looked over at dad wearing jeans a dark green shirt. I thought, I have a shirt that color (actually most of my shirts are that color) and when I looked down I realized I was wearing that shirt. Then, I decided to take a little cat nap while sitting on the couch at the party. I awoke, looked over, to catch dad waking up from the end of his cat nap.

There was never a time where my dad sat me down and told me to do all those things. I never did any of them thinking, I bet my dad will be doing this too. It just happened. It was something I caught having spent a lot of time with my dad and knowing that he was a man that I looked up to. I naturally gravitated towards things that he does. It was caught.

Shouldn’t discipleship be like this? Shouldn’t it be caught not taught? I put a lot of time into discipleship meetings, and I think that’s right. But there’s also a bit of it that’s just caught spending time together outside of the PAV, outside of the classroom setting. Just in the real life, nitty gritty stuff. This type of discipleship is messy. It’s relational. It’s time consuming. But, I believe it gets the best results.

Getting more and more people to look like Jesus.


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