Book Review: Who Do You Think You Are?

I finished Mark Driscoll’s new book, Who Do You Think You Are the other week. I was really excited about this book because I’ve been looking for a go-to book on identity in my personal mentoring. I’ve been thinking through the categories of identity in mentoring more and more recently.

Sadly, I was a bit disappointed in this book. But, I think it was the marketing departments fault.

Let me explain. This book was a book on Ephesians. Mark walks through each chapter or section and identifies an identity issue. So, each chapter starts with a passage from Ephesians, which he exegetes (in his Mark Driscoll way), and uses it for a launching point for a talk on identity.

If I would have known that, I probably wouldn’t have bought the book.

However, I do think it is a great resource when it comes to identity issues. Each chapter walks through a different identity issue and gives great steps to diagnose and deal with the issue. It’s fantastic in that sense.

This does make each chapter drag on and feel a bit long though. It took me longer to get through the book than I had originally anticipated.

I have no doubt that I will go back and use this book over and over again for certain guys for certain issues. For that, I am thankful. And I would recommend the book, I just think you should know what you’re getting yourself into.


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